Engineering Culture: Keeping a Clean Commit History

  • To keep a clean commit history of your code. Code is communication for both other engineers and your future self. The cleaner it is, the more sane the readers will be.
  • To utilize `git blame` to its full potential. `git blame` is a tool often used to try and figure out the latest change made to a piece of code and trace back to the commit that made the change. If there are many “fix-up” commits obfuscating the actual commit that changed the code’s behavior, it makes it very hard to understand the author’s original intention.

Interactive Rebasing to Edit Commits

Interactive rebasing is a powerful tool in git that allows you to locally traverse back in history to previous commits, make changes, and essentially rewrite history.

  • Commit A
  • Commit B
  • Commit C
git rebase -i 400d63a771fc0eefd7409da4bfa6a1f37bfff17b^

Exploring Other Options

Interactive rebasing is a powerful tool. Editing old commits in place is just one of the many things you can do with it; you can also:

The Distru Team (May 2021)



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